Meyer Riegger

Art Basel | OVR: Miami Beach Peppi Bottrop Miriam Cahn Jamie Isenstein Eva Koťátková Paulo Nazareth Jan Zöller Armin Boehm Anna Lea Hucht John Miller Gabriel Vormstein

02.12.20 – 06.12.20 OVR Miami, US


The representation of the human figure is one of the oldest pictorial forms in art history. Be it in sculptural form or as a painting, the ‘classical’ portrait served to present and honor the person portrayed or to remember him or her. Having originally emerged for memorial purposes, the portrait is a form whose task and significance can no longer be explicitly stated, further the manner of portrayal and the formal language have opened up and changed. The representation of the human figure is …

o.t., 2008+1.5.20
o.t., 2008+1.5.20 Miriam Cahn
oil on canvas247 x 171 cm
pb-hills I
pb-hills I Peppi Bottrop
2015graphite on canvas200 x 170 cm
o.t., 29.10.18
o.t., 29.10.18 Miriam Cahn
2018oil on wood30 x 20 cm
Égalité Armin Boehm
2019oil and fabric on canvas, framed50 x 50 cm
Untitled Anna Lea Hucht
2020ceramic27,5 x 15 x 14 cm
untitled (pedestrian series)
untitled (pedestrian series) 2016
acrylic on dibond, gatorboard161,3 x 61 x 5,1 cm
untitled (pedestrian series)
untitled (pedestrian series) John Miller
2016acrylic on dibond, gatorboard174,6 x 55,9 x 5,1 cm
Vanity Vanitas
Vanity Vanitas Jamie Isenstein
2016mixed media, group of five wigsdimensions variable
Ole Re Burucu
Ole Re Burucu Paulo Nazareth

Ed. 3/5, +2AP

Salvo Newton VI
Salvo Newton VI Jonathan Monk
2020paint on print, plastic sheet26,7 x 20,5 cm
Dead a 100 years
Dead a 100 years Gabriel Vormstein
2018pencil, watercolor, wallpaint on newspaper156,5 x 111,5 cm
When you return, we will take over, then you can come back
When you return, we will take over, then you can come back Jan Zöller
2020acrylic, oil based colored pencil, charcoal and pastels on canvas200 x 160 cm

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