Meyer   Riegger


Meyer Riegger
Schaperstrasse 14
10719 Berlin, Germany
+49 30 315 665 80
Opening hours:

Tue – Sat, 11 am – 6 pm


Meyer Riegger
Klauprechtstrasse 22
76137 Karlsruhe, Germany
+49 721 821 292
Opening hours:

Tue – Fri, 11 am – 6 pm
Sat, 12 – 3 pm


Meyer Riegger
Gärtnerstrasse 50
 4057 Basel, Switzerland


Located in Berlin, Karlsruhe, Basel and Seoul, alongside a temporary collaboration in New York, Meyer Riegger maintains a curatorially driven programme that includes solo exhibitions of gallery artists, group shows and special projects.

Since its inception in the late nineties, the gallery has established itself as a setting to investigate artistic practices, showing a distinctive combination of painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, film, performance and installation-based work. Meyer Riegger seeks to place an emphasis on the world around us, collaborating with artists and organising shows that interrogate questions relevant to our existence and that explore important political and social topics, thereby reflecting the times in which we live through the language of art.

Established in Karlsruhe in 1997, the gallery’s early programme was distinguished by a strong emphasis on artists whose work is characterised by predominantly conceptual or abstract concerns, hosting solo shows by the likes of Meuser, John Miller, Jonathan Monk and Helen Hendl Mirra.

During the 2000s, looking to integrate artists into the gallery’s programme for whom existential questions around life and death, performance and the human body play an important role, Meyer Riegger forged relationships with artists such as Katinka Bock, Miriam Cahn, Eva Koťátková and Ján Mančuška, the latter of whose estate is represented by the gallery. It was also during this period, in 2008, that the gallery expanded to open a second space in Berlin, in order to firmly place itself at the heart of discussions in contemporary art, both in Germany and internationally.

The past decade has seen the gallery grow further and its programme has continued to broaden and diversify. Artists including Alexandra Bachzetsis, Paulo Nazareth and Ulla von Brandenburg, have joined Meyer Riegger, with the gallery introducing the work of many to a global audience. More recently, Meyer Riegger has also begun to curate exhibitions of work by historically significant artists, namely Méret Oppenheim and Jimmy DeSana, while bringing further early-career artists into the roster, for example, Tamina Amadyar and Peppi Bottrop. The opening of a third location in Basel in 2020 is testament to the gallery’s intention to operate within both local and global contexts.

In May 2024, in collaboration with the Paris-based gallery Jocelyn Wolff, Meyer Riegger initiated a new two-year cycle of programming at the New York space OSMOS. A project space that was initiated in the late 1990s, OSMOS hosts exhibitions curated by and related to the artistic programmes of the two galleries.

With the goal of creating new relationships and audiences for the gallery’s artists, Meyer Riegger will also open a new branch in Seoul, South Korea, in September 2024, with a solo exhibition by Horst Antes.

Meyer Riegger currently represents more than 20 international artists from different generations, many of whom the gallery has accompanied since the start of their careers. Numerous artists that Meyer Riegger works with are frequently the subjects of solo presentations at globally renowned institutions or have been featured in major biennials. At the same time, the gallery is continuously looking to foster new relationships and to integrate new positions into its programme, through a desire to maintain its commitment to exploring the many currents of contemporary artistic creation.

The gallery space in Karlsruhe was reconstructed with the architects Peter W. Schmidt Architekten. The gallery space in Berlin was designed by Johanna Meyer-Grohbrügge.


Jochen Meyer
Thomas Riegger

Meyer Riegger, Berlin

Elisa Bartling (on maternity leave)

Lincoln Dexter (Artist Liaison)

Judith Hildebrand (Sales Assistant)

Sebastian Hoffmann (Sales)

Paul Jansen (Artist Liaison / Art Fair Manager)

Francisco M.V. (Art Handler / Production Manager)

Constanze Murfitt (Director / Head of Sales)

Laura Rametti (Artist Liaison / Head of Miriam Cahn Archive)

Oliver Roura (Art Handler / Photographer)

Stephen Russell (Registrar)

Alicja Schindler (Content and Press Manager)

Pauline Friesecke (on maternity leave)

Meyer Riegger, Karlsruhe

Cim Jubke (Artist Liaison / Exhibition Manager)

Ann-Cathrin Krauß (Controlling / Finance)

Malte Pawelczyk (Archivist)

Meyer Riegger, Basel

Noemi Pfister

Meyer Riegger, Shanghai

Yoyo Hu


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