Meyer   Riegger

Your Cheeks Are Wine Olivia Sterling

25.05.24 – 13.07.24 Solo exhibition Meyer Riegger, Basel (Rebgasse 46, 4058 Basel)


Knocked over red wine glasses, half-empty green bottles, leftover spare ribs, cakes and uncontrolled figures offer a fragmented snapshot of the visual world that Olivia Sterling (b. 1996 in Peterborough, UK) lays before us at Meyer Riegger in Basel. It is as though we viewers were on a first date in a restaurant or flirting at the bar ourselves. Framed by intimate bodily relationships or people interacting, the new paintings are a colourful spectacle of various desires – and power structures: …


Umgestürzte Rotweingläser, halbleere grüne Flaschen, Knochenreste von Spareribs, Kuchen und unkontrollierte Figuren prägen ausschnitthaft die Bildwelt, die uns Olivia Sterling ( 1996 in Peterborough, GB) bei Meyer Riegger in Basel vor Augen hält. Als wären wir Betrachterinnen selbst an einem ersten Date im Restaurant oder sässen flirtend an der Bar. Umgeben von intimen körperlichen Beziehungen oder miteinander agierenden Personen sind die neuen Gemälde ein farbiges Spektakel diverser Gelüste …

Your Cheeks Are Wine
Bar Maids
For You Madam?
Whoever Brought Me Here Will Have to Take Me Home
To Chew the Cud of Misery
Stumbling Like a Poet Lost in Dreams
A Bit on the Side
Your Party Dress is Too Tight
Wet Jan
It Just Oozes out Naturally
Your Cheeks Are Wine

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