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Art Basel Hong Kong 2021 Miriam Cahn Peppi Bottrop

19.05.21 – 23.05.21 Shared Booth with Sies + Höke Hong Kong, HK


Miriam Cahn’s and Peppi Bottrop’s works open an interesting dialogue between generations and gender, abstract and figurative images following their strong performative approach that both oeuvres have in common. Paintings and drawings by Swiss artist Miriam Cahn (b. in 1949) thematize issues relevant to modern society, making her artworks a testament of socio-political changes and raising existentially questions. Influenced by performance art and the feminist movement, Miriam Cahn started to …

Miriam Cahn gezeichnet 22.02.2017, 2017
oil on wood 160 x 90 cm
Miriam Cahn undarstellbar/gezeichnet 1./2.1.20, 2020
oil on wood 110 x 100 cm
Miriam Cahn o.t. 23.08.15, 2015
oil on wood 46 x 31 cm
Miriam Cahn rufen 26.01.2017, 2017
pastel on paper 57 x 83 cm
Sorh [Soil of reddish hue] 4
Peppi Bottrop Sorh [Soil of reddish hue] 4 2018
charcoal, graphite, metal pigment, rust converter and acryl on canvas 240 x 210 cm
Miriam Cahn herumstehen 19.3.2006, 2006
oil on canvas 260 x 170 cm
IAI Arava
Peppi Bottrop IAI Arava 2018
graphite and charcoal on canvas and wood 244 x 122 x 5 cm
Peppi Bottrop Inf-L 2019
charcoal, graphite, Iridium-pigments and staples on canvas, steel shadow joint 190 x 120 x 2,5 cm
Art Basel Hong Kong 2021

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