Meyer   Riegger

Miart 2023 Tamina Amadyar Horst Antes Armin Boehm Miriam Cahn Helen Mirra Jonathan Monk Jan Zöller

14.04.23 – 16.04.23 Art Fair, Booth A37 Milan, IT

Tamina Amadyar nile 2023
pigment, glutin on canvas 200 x 170 cm
Horst Antes o.T. 2022
acrylic on wood 80 x 90 cm
Armin Boehm Hibiskusrot 2021
oil and fabric on canvas 80 x 85 cm
auf augenhöhe
Miriam Cahn auf augenhöhe 16.07.2015
pencil on paper 70 x 100 cm
Not S L
Helen Mirra Not S L 2021
ink on linen 20 × 76 × 1,8 cm
Sunset on Sunset I
Jonathan Monk Sunset on Sunset I 2022
oil on canvas, UV-cured print on Alu-dibond, aluminium profiles overall 89,5 x 125 x 14 cm
Working on the potential of my ideas
Jan Zöller Working on the potential of my ideas 2021
acrylic, oil, oil stick, pencil, pastels and charcoal on canvas 200 x 160 cm, framed
Miart 2023

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