Meyer   Riegger

Anna Lea Hucht Trembling Curtain

06.03.24 – 11.05.24 ARCH Athens


Hovering between quotidian scenes and an otherworldly realm, Anna Lea Hucht’s paintings create a pleasingly ambiguous zone in which our imaginations can play. The precisely painted flotsam of a contemporary life – things that float daily around our windowsills and desks – appear so utterly familiar, yet as these interiors open out onto the infinity of night skies stuffed with stars, they become imbued with an intimate magic. We intuit that the everyday objects so lovingly portrayed have a deep …

Trembling Curtain
Anna Lea Hucht Trembling Curtain 2024

Installation views, ARCH Athens

Photos: Paris Tavitian

Im Dampfbad
Anna Lea Hucht Im Dampfbad 2023
watercolour on paper 51 x 50 cm
Der Bär
Anna Lea Hucht Der Bär 2023
watercolour on paper 64,7 x 44,5 cm
Trembling curtain
Anna Lea Hucht Trembling curtain 2023
watercolour on paper 40 x 30 cm
Hairy flower
Anna Lea Hucht Hairy flower 2022
watercolour on paper 55 x 42 cm
The artist’s eye 4
Anna Lea Hucht The artist’s eye 4 2024
ceramics 42 x 58 x 56,5 cm
Trembling Curtain

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