Meyer   Riegger

Jamie Isenstein

Jamie Isenstein confuses subject and object in her work, which spans sculpture, drawing, and performance, often turning objects into bodies and bodies into objects. Bluring distinctions between performance and sculpture, often through use of her own body as ready-made object in her “inhabited sculptures,” and thereby questions the notion of “live” in her work Isenstein reflects on the concept of art living beyond its creator and the role of the artist’s hand, quite literally, within a work of …

100 Year Calendar
Rug Rug Rug Rug Rug
Rug Rug Rug Rug Rug
Infinite Intermission Snowman
Face Vase (black glasses)
Inside Outside Backstage Vase
Untitled (harp)
Reading Intermission
Untitled (harp)
Will Return
Will Return
Rug Woogie VIII
Empire of Fire
Untitled (Three faced Mardi Gras mask)
Hand Watch Watch Hand
Synthetic Synthetic Sweat
Artificial Artificial Tears
Still life (wig stand)
untitled (Plastic Corn)
Vanity Vanitas
Candle Wig
Mannequin Wig
Bag of heads
Empire of Fire
Empire of Fire, detail
The Egress
Infinite Invisible Soft-Shoe