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Franz Ackermann

In 1991 Franz Ackermann received the DAAD grant allowing him his first trip to Asia and settling for a year in Hong Kong. Traveling has become fundamental in his works ever since, experimenting with practices inspired by situationist deviation and psycho geography. Ackermann uses photographs and sketches done in pencil, ink and watercolor, taken during voyage, to make mental maps. They are not mimetic reproductions of the territory but instead a synthesis of the physical and mental world. From …

stand by
Getrennte Gebiete
stand by
HK/my final days
Welt 3
Welt 3
Welt 3
Welt 3
Die leere Mitte
Hügel und Zweifel
Hügel und Zweifel
Hügel und Zweifel
New Neighbours
Wall Mall
Hotel ME
Frozen Gesture
About Sand
Kubary's Zweifel
Terra Nullius
Fracht und Ladung
Flucht + Befreiungsfahrzeug
Travel in the Woods
Oh Delhi
Kleine Flotte
Mexican Sky
Leben & Sterben
From Tehran to Yazd
My House
A late night information
Zu Hause mit Frontex, Welle
Three Leaves
Hop on
Untitled Sun City
You are my everyone, you are my anyone You are my anytime, you are my everytime You are my everywhere ... anywhere ...
Untitled (Pocket Park: in gold we trust)
First Floor Shopping
Untitled (Mental Map: Big Business)
Franz Ackermann

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