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John Miller

In his extensive and multi-layered oeuvre, John Miller repeatedly counteracts the longings of Western consumer society. With his eclectic approach and his sceptic as well as ironic artistic strategy, he explores the autonomy of the work of art while examining the myth of artistic genius. The result is an intelligent and humorous commentary on identity, economy, culture and socio-political issues constantly questioning established values.

Space Force
Ruine Mourning for a World of Rubbish
An Elixir of Immortality
Dress Rehearsal for the Revolution
Other Subjectivities
The Middle of the Day
A Place Called Hope, Ed 3
Paintings from the early 80’s to the present
Social Portraits
Naughty Girl
Everything is Said 26
Everything is Said 28
Three Noticeably Similar Parts
Grey's Anatomy
Dark Shadows
A Bit of a Downer
The Middle of the Day, 02-10-06
The Middle of the Day, 02-11-06
The Lugubrious Game
The Dating Game
Family Feud
Der Preis ist Heiß
Glad Hand
Echo and Narcissus
Wishing the Impossible - gold phallus w/backdrop
First Place
The Horrible Negation
JM 9 - Untitled tornado (regionalist style)
John Miller

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