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Sheila Hicks

Since the late 1950s, Sheila Hicks has been producing work exceptionally difficult to categorise. Knotting, wrapping, folding, twisting and stacking wool, linen and cotton: these are only some of the techniques and materials that have seen her undermine conventional artistic categories and their hierarchical relationships. A pupil of Josef Albers at Yale, Sheila Hicks is the heir to both a Modernist spirit that holds the distinctions between fine art, decoration and design to be unimportant and …

Vers des Horizons Inconnus
In Hülle und Fülle | In Abundance
Reaching For Purgatory
Triple trouble
Triple trouble 3
Match Maker
Meeting on the staircase 2
Marching to your music
Planet ten
Ida and Will W.
Stéphane is hiding inside
Blue straight-up
Secrets of the Hieroglyph
Meeting on the staircase 1
a little bit of a lot of things
a little bit of a lot of things
a little bit of a lot of things
Sheila Hicks

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