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Jan Zöller

Jan Zöller’s work reflects topics and reality experiences of a young artist. Perceived romantic or transfigured questions about the future, visions and career become guiding themes – devoid of irony. Visits to pubs and exhibition openings or the purchase of new shoes appear as motifs on painted canvases. Other works contain allegories of friendly collaboration or social experience: meeting someone at a bar, the sharing of a cigarette as well as traditional meeting places like public wells and …

Stubborn stone balancers
Balancing on the potential of my ideas
Two sculptures divided by a drawing
Empty your pockets and change the direction
Walking on green grass
It’s better to experience things, then to talk about them
Midnight movement
Empty pockets
Member of the FIRESPIRITS
Question of time
Another text on the wall
A good decision
This place belongs to us (forever)
Die kosmischen KURIERE
A never ending fountain
Badebrunnen (hot summer)
Imagine a sculpture as beautiful as a mountain
Badebrunnen (imitation of functionality, at night)
Pissed fountain
FIRESPIRIT (the passenger)
Possibly there's a possibility that everything is possible – in cooperation with Robert Grunenberg
They asked me to build a fountain in the city where I live
My first dream when I was young
Possibly there's a possibility that everything is possible
Sharing cigarettes with strangers at the bar
New shows, new shoes
Jan Zöller

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